Which Airack is right for you?


Airack Standard Drawing


The Airack Standard is a fully integrated model which comes with a 4 minute electronic timer, a drain funnel tube for excess water from the glassware and a changeable air flow filter pad. The electronic timer shuts off after 4 minutes by which time the glasses will be dry. The Airack Standard has one control button ‘start’ so is easy to install and use. As the manufacturer, we recommended that the air flow filter pad is changed every 6 to 8 months.

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Airack Lite Drawing


The Airack Lite unlike the Airack Standard does not come with a drain funnel tube or changeable air flow filter pad. The Airack Lite has a mechanical manual runback timer, which you can set to the desired time for drying certain types of glassware. For example taller ‘continental’ style glassware can take approx 8 minutes to dry with an Airack, so using the Airack Lite allows you to set the timer to run for longer than the 4 minutes of the Standard model to ensure those types of glasses are being dried without having to run more than one drying cycle.

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Drain Funnel
Automatic Timer
Manual Timer
Various Basket Sizes
13Amp Connection
Fits on Basket Unit
Dries in 4 Minutes
Set your own Drying Time