The open glass basket is suitable for glasses that measure up to 150mm (15cm) in height, such as standard pint glasses, tumbler glasses, half pint glasses and hi-ball glasses.

  • Supplied with 4 corner clips
  • Durable Premium Coating
  • Versatile
  • Available In 3 Sizes

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Technical Details

Model: Half Glass Basket 45
Dimensions (mm): W450 x H155 x D225
Corner Protection: Yes
Offset Hand Slots: No

Key Features & Benefits

Versatile Baskets

The glass washing baskets come in a range of different styles and sizes which have been designed with each individual style in mind. The baskets are available in 400mm, 450mm and 500mm sizes, and have a range of styles and function to suit.

Versatile Baskets

Convenient Storage

The baskets can be stored securely and neatly into one of the Airack stands. Storing baskets in this way ensures a safe, hygienic and tidy storage solution in the bar or kitchen.

Glass Baskets can be stored conviniently


Each size and style of basket, comes with a premium 'Talisman' coating and have plastic corner clips fitted, making them more durable to general wear and tear.

Glass Baskets are Durable